Façon Jacmin’s creative way to launch their fashion label

We all know that feeling of excitement, nervousness, chaos and, most importantly, faith. That feel you get when you have that great idea and are ready to make a big plunge in the world of fashion. We often get to read of the success stories of the Dries Van Notens, the Karl Lagerfelds, Diane Von Forstenburgs and so on. We also read of certain struggles and loads of books on tips and tricks. However, coming from the same place as you, I know that many times what one misses is concrete solutions. Just good old solutions and ideas that will help you get from point A to B to C and finally towards your own success story.

Therefore, at AISPI, we try and speak to real emerging designers, some that are already selling, some that are just launching and others that are way ahead in the game. The good part is that they are close to you, close to what you are facing and also very real. Their struggles are recent and in sync with the questions that you may have. These designers are super accessible and happy to help in any way possible.

Façon Jacmin

Facon Jacmin, Alexandra Jacmin, Ségolène Jacmin
Sisters turned founders, Alexandra Jacmin and Ségolène Jacmin.

This article is an interview with the founders of Façon Jacmin, Alexandra Jacmin and her twin sister Ségolène Jacmin, who launched a denim brand. They had the brilliant idea of selling their designs and collections through a pop up fashion truck – very similar to an ice cream truck.

Selling with a fashion truck

The reason behind it was multifold:

  • Rent is expensive! Young designers often have to commit to lease and rent without the assurance of selling enough to break-even.
  • A truck allows you to interact with different consumers and test how your designs are doing in different regions, which can be extremely valuable.
  • You attract a lot of attention and free publicity.

Watch the video to learn more! 

After experimenting this way for over 2 years, Façon Jacmin now have their own store in the heart of Brussels!

– Interview with Ségolène Jacmin, Filmed by Marta Cots

See their coverage by AISPI here and do reach out to us if you have further questions or ideas on how young designers can launch their business.

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