(Spoilers ahead!) In January, I was lucky enough to get the chance to visit Florence in Italy, right before the virus struck and we were all confided to our own homes. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited and cannot recommend it enough! From architecture and art to food and fashion, there is everything there and I really fell in love with the city, and cannot wait to revisit Italy as soon as I can! 

I had the opportunity to visit the Gucci Garden museum, not too far from the river. It is definitely worth a trip as what lies behind the big glass door is truly breath taking, I was in awe every time I entered a new room! From a floor length purple sequinned hooded cape to Elton John’s infamous jacket, to Rihanna’s crystallised headpiece, the archive was equally extensive and fabulous. The decor paid homage to the inner workings of the mind behind today’s Gucci – creative director Alesandro Michele – and showed the transition in designs between each that proceeded him. 

As well as a gift shop with every type of merchandise you can imagine, on display were a collection of travel accessories, looks straight off the runway, and my favourite part – the front row invitations. One room even had moving projections of birds that flew around the room! I truly cannot do the museum justice, so see the photos below to get a better vision into the world of Gucci… (and keep scrolling for more must-see places in Florence)

Just across from Gucci Garden is the Uffizi Gallery, a wonderful thrift store called Celeste Vintage, and the Ponte Vecchio – a bridge that also doubles as an antique market! Also whilst in Florence, there are a number of independent labels we represent at Aispi that are worth a visit, such as Ottod’Ame and 100% Capri

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Written by Amelia Butler.

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