Belgium: Bringing together design innovators at Entre Nous


Well! Our aim becomes a lot easier if we are surrounded by multiple brands, each focusing on providing a unique experience to their clients. Welcome to Entre Nous!

Entre Nous is a collective that brings strong, young entrepreneurs together to promote authentic brands and to establish a personal contact with the consumers. Brands like Dcember, Facon Jacmin, CXL STILL, Lore Van Keer, Ophelia Lingerie, Toos Franken and PLUTO On The Moon are part of Entre Nous. They sold their collections with lot of love at the exhibit. The exhibit took place at the MAS Museum in Antwerp, Belgium which further elevated the whole experience with its beautiful surroundings and architecture.

You already know of our AISPI brands – Dcember (see their coverage here) and Facon Jacmin (see their coverage here). While Dcember is known for their bags that adapt to every season/occasion making them a part of your everyday lifestyle, Facon Jacmin creates denim wardrobe for women using Japanese denim with ultra finesse and durability.

Besides these, other brands that caught our eye were Lore Van Keer, CXL STILL and Toos Franken. Lore Van Keer’s ODE collection that allows you to engrave your name in a beautiful way between two bands is really something unique. CXL STILL had most interesting experience to give to its customers. As a brand that believes in slow fashion, they create capsule collections focusing on clean, simple silhouettes and keep adding to the collection year after year. Finally, Toos Franken stole my heart – with the most luxurious fabrics and impeccable workmanship, I literally had to be pulled away from her winter coats. Unfortunately we don’t have pictures to do us justice, but check her work out here and we will bring you her entire story shortly!

Couples with yum drinks and a beautiful view, Entres Nous definitely was an evening well spent!

By Karishma Gulyani (Read more from her here)

Video coverage by Nick Cusseneers (See his full work here)

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