Corsica: 8 reasons (or boutiques) why it is called “The Island of Beauty”.


Between the Mediterranean and the Tyrrhenian Seas, we find the French island Corsica, one of the best summer destinations in Europe. We visited it, not only for the idyllic landscape and the delicious gastronomy, but also to get ready for you this collection of 8 local boutiques that you must visit these holidays in “The Island of Beauty”!

“There are places where the sun and the sea punctuate the days, where pleasure, simplicity, freshness and sweetness define a way of living the daily life. A lifestyle where you feel at home as in a holiday home, where Corsica and Elsewhere live together.”

Mare di Latte 

Karma Koma

This brand feels like a trip, a woman and 2 insular lands: Corsica, with its pure Mediterranean spirit, and Bali, full of spicy colours and atmosphere. This brand feels like its designer Laurence Appietto Raffaelli, which creates simple, fluid models such as long skirts, dresses, backless jumpsuits, and deep necklines, which are also combined with chains, leather or lace. 

 The style is timeless and extremely feminine and comfortable (just have a look at the photos, there is no need for explanations, right?), and prices between 50€ and 250€. 

Moreover, as Laurence knows very well what women need, she decided to create a collection of shoes and accessories (bags, wallets, belts) made from quality leather and according to this Karma Koma characteristic style. 

Le Chat

In this boutique, located in 39 rue U Borgo, you will be able to find true Corsican hats, priced between 15€ and 100€, ideal for chic&sunny days. In addition, you will count with the true advice on styles and “hat-fitting” by Johnny, the friendly expert an owner from Le Chat. 


Pratalina is the home for local Italian and French designers such as Yvone Waska or Paola Venturi, but also the founder’s own brand Pratalina. She studied Fashion in Milan, and her ambition and great eye lead her to open this amazing boutique in 16 Avenue du Maréchal Leclerc, Porto-Vecchio. 

Even that the designers are different, the concept is very characteristic, vibrant and chic. Our favourites pieces (50€-250€): the artisanal raffia sandals, the handmade bucket bags (we LOVE the prints and decorations) and the golden silver jewellery. 

Mare di Latte

The brand was born after her founder, Stéphanie de Peretti, was back from Madagascar to her home next to the sea in Corsica. She had been managing her previous brand Baobab, specialized in raffia accessories and home decoration, but she wanted to start creating again. Stéphanie started designing beach clothes for women, but the pieces are so chic that we love wearing them anywhere (Discover here which is our favourite piece) 

The elegant style, the minimal cuts and fine materials used (high-quality cottons, linens and pashminas) make the designs fit in any time of the year. Prices for Mare di Latte clothing are between 100€ and 300€. 


Founded by the two Corsican sisters Virginie et Anne after a long trip in 2005, Benoa is about femininity, fluidity and the Corsican spirit. The pieces, made of cotton or linen, use colours such as white, green, turquoise, ochre or clay colour, that immediately transport us to those coast landscapes full of wild plants, sand and rocks. 

This summer, Benoa’s must haves are the backless dresses and jumpsuits, or skirt and top sets, priced between 50€ and 150€. 

Baan Mea

In 18 Rue Camille de Rocca Serra, we found this small and cute local boutique. There, you can find trendy and playful clothes, accessories and shoes, priced between 50€ and 150€, that will make you stand out for sure! Click here to know more about what we found inside Baan Mea. 


Located in 14 rue du Général de Gaulle, this Corsican brand is inspired by Talitha Getty, end-of-60’s icon and muse of Yves Saint-Laurent, with ethnic influences, which translates into a wide and wild colour palette that inspires freedom and nature in the pieces (50€-200€) 

Moreover, apart from clothes, IZI.MI includes a collection of talisman jewellery to complement the whole bohemian-chic look! 


Finally, hidden in Porto Veccio, we found Kalliste in 18 Rue Docteur Camille de Rocca Serra . This boutique doesn’t have a website or Instagram that you can check, which means that you have to visit it! There you can find the perfect beach clothes, with a fresh and bohemian style, priced between 50€ and 100€.

Feature image: Benoa

-Curated by AISPI, edited by Virginia Lite

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