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Hot on the heels of the sartorial frenzy that is London Fashion Week, we bring you to a curation of some of the coolest designers and brands that we spotted at the Spring/Summer 2020 shows. Anything but ordinary, definitely ones you haven’t seen before and every bit as cool as they look like in the photos – these brands are making fashionable waves and how! Read on for AISPI‘s edit of some of the best brands that we spotted at London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020.


A beautiful brand straight from the heart of Spain – Shopyte is for the woman who craves for elegant classics that value sustainability and top notch quality. Incidentally, the inspiration for the name behind the brand came from the founder herself, who along with her husband, works at everything right from the first sketch to the final draft to ensure a quality that transcends time and generations. Her inspiration is her mother with the modern woman playing her muse – balancing work and play with equal grace and aplomb. Shopyte believes in not giving into the short-lived cycle of fashion trends and hopes to create a community of women that believe in and love clothes that are well-made and timeless.

Image credit – Shopyte
Image credit – Shopyte


Luna Del Pinal’s story begins in Guatemala, where co-founders Gabriela Luna and Corina Del Pinal journeyed to to learn one of the most ancient weaving technqiues of the world. Armed with the combined experience that came from working with some of the topmost luxury houses in the world, Gabriela and Corina wanted to learn backstrap weaving. Thoroughly inspired by the rich traditions and the meticulous craftsmanship, the duo launched Luna Del Pinal – a brand born with the idea of supporting the local artisans of Guatemala and encouraging the concept of slow fashion. The duo’s signature style lies in creating handmade clothing with a contemporary finish – clearly evident in their highly acclaimed debut showcase at Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016.

Image credit – Luna Del Pinal
Image credit – Luna Del Pinal


Born to immigrant parents, Osman grew up in Birmingham watching his mother, a dressmaker, craft the most stunning outfits. It was no surprise then, that the designer eventually decided to turn to fashion and his shows are now one of the most anticipated shows at London Fashion Week. His Spring Summer 2020 showcase was a sculptural extravaganza with power shoulders, ruffles and exaggerated tailoring to the hilt, but with a subtle touch of modesty and elegance.

Osman RTW Spring 2020 | Image credit – WWD
Osman RTW Spring 2020 | Image credit – WWD

Katie Ann McGuigan

Irish born and bred Katie Ann McGuigan moved to London to study and incidentally ended up laying the foundation for her namesake label there. Katie’s signature style is an energetic mix of vivid prints that are interspersed neatly with bright colors for a true sartorial treat. Her vibrant showcase at Spring Summer 2020 was thoroughly enjoyed by both veterans and the cool kids alike and everyone is waiting eagerly to see what this MittleModa Absolute Prize 2017 awardee crafts next.

Copyright © Tiffany Lin – | Image credit – Fashion Scout UK


Inspired by the quietly sartorial grace of the Bedouin tribes, Central Saint Martins graduate Andraya Farrag birthed the Bedouin label – hugely loved by those with a passion for contemporary apparel that strongly believes in the philosophy of less is more. Going beyond seasons and inspired by the jet-setting woman, Bedouin aims to create a tribe of women who live – and dress – beyond borders. The founder, a young woman who believes that the world has no boundaries has lived in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Using this to her strength she creates versatile pieces for a global woman

Image credit – Bedouin Studio
Image credit – Bedouin Studio

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-Soha Joshi

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