London: The Pop-up You Can’t Miss!



It’s The Last Day!!!


May 31 2018

Pop-up’s a word so overwhelmingly common in the world of fashion.


But, I promise you this one is a Must Go!

 So, what’s so amazing and unique about Cloud Boutique?

First off its boutique style, which, means it has a curation of DISTINCT and UNIQUE pieces.

Secondly, pieces in the pop-up come from multiple designers around the world, ensuring there are a variety of styles in accessories and fashion.


Founder Michelle says,

“The point was to ease the shopping experience and make it more enjoyable. Usually, at pop-up’s you will find designers or brand owners standing by their stands suggesting you to try on things or convince you into buying something. The vision for us was to allow clients to browse through multiple choices without feeling pressurized.”

TRUST ME! You don’t want to miss this! The dreamy and stylish boutique is defiantly a unique experience.


London’s Pop-Up ends today! Take some time to check out some of their exclusive pieces.

You will find BRANDS like:

Essie Vie

Athena Procopiou

Ana Heart


Hanane Hotait




Paloma Blue 

Nora Aytch

Dafna May

The theme for this pop-up is: Everyday Women. So rest be assured there is something there for YOU!


CloudBoutique_kaftan_swimwear_purse_dress_fashion_designer_popup_exclusive_london      CloudBoutique_kaftan_swimwear_purse_dress_fashion_designer_popup_exclusive_london

Prices for designer pieces range from £300-600.

In this special pop-up you will also find unique art and interior decorating statement pieces. Our favorite was The Odd Piece by Nasiha

 CloudBoutique_kaftan_swimwear_purse_dress_fashion_designer_popup_exclusive_london    CloudBoutique_kaftan_swimwear_purse_dress_fashion_designer_popup_exclusive_london   CloudBoutique_kaftan_swimwear_purse_dress_fashion_designer_popup_exclusive_london

For more information check out Cloud Boutiques, Instagram page.

The pictures are taken by the wonderful Ellie Bungay, check out her work here

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By, Amrit Kang and Aisha S Kothari

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