Madrid: 3 fascinating and undiscovered designers


Apart from history, gastronomy and the sunny weather of the Spanish capital, Madrid is a mosaic of cultures, ideas and styles that make it the perfect breeding ground to create some art. Many amazing talents are shaking up fashion with their strong and envisioning concepts, so here we have made for you a selection of Top 4 designers that have captivated us.


“The eye-catcher”

Located in Malasaña, the centre of indie Madrid, peSeta designs clothes for both men and women wanting to stand out from the crowd but remaining casual and elegant.
Dresses with daring prints, colourful coats, crazy bow ties and the iconic bag-handbag will blow your mind the minute you enter the shop. The designs and prints are almost unique, most of them created by well-known artists.

PeSeta is very committed with the environment and, guess what? It makes collaborations with great designers as Marc Jacobs, Isabella Capeto and even some museums! 

Do you need more reasons to visit it?


“Inspiring girls to take the world by storm”


This brand was created by the young influencer Inés Arroyo, and it has already some boutiques in Madrid and Barcelona. Laagam uses a new concept called “guide shop”, where you can go and buy the product online simultaneously.


Following a young, fresh, feminine style, it perfectly captures both sensuality and naivety in all its designs. Laagam offers a wide variety of shoes, clothes and accessories both for working days and party time.
Sometimes simple, sometimes adventurous, every creation is seeking women empowerment, and it is developing a true movement in this direction.
Ready to conquer the world?


“More than great values”

Miseria is a multibrand concept store made by designers, for designers, in order to support art, sustainability and consciousness. They strongly support slow fashion, so all their creations are made to last for a long time in our wardrobes. That means using high quality materials and design timeless clothes and jewels that will keep their own personality forever.


In Miseria, you will be able to find exclusive clothes and accesories for both men an women, and they even have some limited edition pieces for the ones searching real uniqueness. Few notable designers include Norma Bates, Khoa, Calamidad, Porca Miseria, La Mouchette, Becky Nut, Soono and more. One more thing: when you visit Miseria, don’t forget to have a look at their walls, you will see a selection of the best contemporary ilustrations of the Spanish  panorama.

– Written by Virginia Lite

These are just some of our favorite Spanish hidden gems. Discover more things about them and many other AISPIed brands by clicking here and follow us on  Instagram  to stay up to date with new findings!

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