Marseille, Aix en Provence and Saint Paul de Vence: The hidden fashion gems in the South of France.



It is the second greatest city in France and it has nothing to do with Paris. Althought we love the French capital, Marseille has an special Mediterranean essence that makes it unique, and that’s maybe why we such beutiful fashion when walking through the sunny streets.


This Marseillaise brand was born after an extraordinary familiar road trip in America. The 7 members fell in love not only with the amazing natural landscapes, but with the Argentinian Alpargatas, symbol of work, courage and freedom (and now, Fashion too!).

Espigas evolved and nowadays you can find also sneakers and tennis for both men and women. The designs vary from classic styles to more edgy, colourful or printed models. But they have always something in common: lightness, softness and an incredible quality.

Moreover, Espigas employs disable Marseillaises and supports other projects to help out this people also in Peru and Bolivia.

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Jean Françoise Rey

This French eyewear designer creates statement pieces that can make the difference in any outfit. The boutique in Marseille is located in 52 Rue Francis Davso, and you cannot miss it!

The collections, manufactured through the most innovative technologies, have a differentiated inspiration that makes them unique also as a whole. For example, a wink to the 80’s through colourful and glittering glasses, a more sober use of metal inspired by “haute-couture”, or the stunning work of “wave design” that remind us to the hypnotic modern architecture. 

Allan Joseph

Find this multibrand boutique in 21 Rue Sainte, enter it and enjoy the great selection of clothing, accessories and even parfums displayed in the cool atmosphere.

From colourful prints and patterns to more sober designs and minimalistic cuts, you can pick&match to create your own outfit and express your personality through brands such as ACNE Studios, Diega, Isabel Marant, Sibel Saral, Levi’s, Miansai or Comme des Garçons.

Source: Provence Private Tour


Ancient capital of the Provence, Aix can be considered also the capital of South of France’s Fashion and elegance. We are not joking. It can be perceived in the streets, in the architecture and in the people walking around…Here you have 2 must-visit shops for aixois!

Des Petits Hauts 

The two sisters Katia and Vanessa created this brand with the dream to see all girls wearing it! The colours, the designs and the illustrations are so characteristic that you can instantly recognize (also for their cute small golden star sign) that it belongs to Des Petits Hautes.

 The pieces are made of light, extremely soft materials (Mohair, wool and alpaca) that feel like a hug on you, and we love it!  

Finally, inside the boutique you can find accessories from independent designers that the girls have carefully picked up and, from time to time, some workshops and events to celebrate life and talent. 


Source: Madame Jacasse

Sylvie founded this multibrand boutique around 20 years ago, and it has evolved unimaginably. Inspired by their trips, their years of experience and their fashion hunches, Sylvie picks and mixes the best pieces coming both from stablished, classic brands, and from more edgy créateur labels

Source: Madame Jacasse

For example, IMPERIALRundholz or Diega are some of the brands you can find in the boutique, decorated with a special loft atmosphere: it incorporates industrial elements, furniture that remind us to the 60’s and other changing details that accompany the different “saisons”. 

Source: Madame Jacasse

The same happens with the labels chosen, they change constantly in order to surprise you and bring exactly what you are looking for. So, don’t leave today’s purchases for tomorrow! 

Source: Booking


Located in the Maritime Alps, Vence is the cradle of artists, sculptors, painters…and petites et mignones boutiques to pamper yourself!

French Collections

The boutique is located in the heart of this village (11 rue Grande,) and it offers a collection of the true French Fashion. Apart from the original aesthetics of the pieces, the artistry behind them guarantees the highest quality, its durability and its timelessness

Some of the pieces we loved were the Petite Mendigote handbags and also the Céline Robert Chapeaux’s hats for ceremonies, but every season they bring in something new and cooler!   

French Collections is the ideal place to buy the “savoir-faire” Français captured in a wearable souvenir for you and your beloved people. 


Cherry stands also for French “créateurs”, offering a great selection of clothing and accessories manufactured in the country. You will be able to find the perfect dress for a summer cocktail evening, or pieces to shine in a casual-but-chic day, but also jewellery, elegant leather bags and “pochettes” with funny messages! 

From time to time, Cherry organises “L’Apéro Fashion”, a cool and familiar event where you can have a drink, talk to the founder and discover their novelties. Check their Facebook page to attend the next one! 


Viktor is a local boutique (21 rue Grande) that brings amazing novelties every week: carefully selected, and with a great eye, the Italian pieces are made from natural materials such as linen, cotton, silk or viscose. 

In Viktor’s, we found super cute and colourful summer dresses and stunning handmade round bags and baskets, ideal for the beach but elegant enough to wear them for a walk into the medieval streets of Vence. 

Would you like to see more details of these shops or even plot them on a map to fit your busy trip to the South? Use our AISPI boutique finder! You just have to visit our boutique page, filter for Marseille, for example, or 15 other cities and use the map view.

Also, you can follow our Instagram and type the hastag #aispixflorence. We hope you enjoy your trip to France and that you come back home with a full suitcase of these special products!

-Curated by AISPI, edited by Virginia Lite

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