Budapest: Repertory, our Danube fashion jewel


AISPI has recently visit the beautiful capital of Hungary, mostly known by its baths and amazing buildings such as the Parliament or the Buda Castle. But you already know us, and you know we won’t talk about what you can find on tourist guides. So, here you have the new AISPIed fashion gem of Budapest! 

Close to St. Gellért Square, in Budafoki u. 5 , we find Repertory, a concept store that has much to say. From the outside, you can already feel the good vibes this little cosy place projects; but wait until you are in. 


There you will meet you will meet Melinda Tóth and Kinga D Nagy, two young designers (and friends) that decided to join forces and passion a few years ago. Each one has its own unique brand: Melisa is the soul of Daige clothes, and Kinga is the Mama Kin, who manufactures precious jewellery. Combination of both is just explosive! 


You will be able to find all kind of garments, from casual T-shirts, jeans or rompers to more dressed-up shirts, skirts and dresses, and prices fairly match the design and quality of the products.


Daige creations are inspired by everything that surrounds the designer, from sports to contemporary art, and she develops each collection embracing a specific concept or theme.  This is exactly what makes the brand so recognizable and strong, jointly with the colour and material combinations, the loose asymmetric cuts and the sudden funky prints.  

The result are garments that would fit in every wardrobe, leaving opened a whole world of possibilities, so women can create their own style according to their personality. The Daige women is ready to try new adventures: she combines clothes creating an edgy style that captures her independence, but always showing a sophisticated femininity. 

The Mama Kin

It is all about details. You will be able to find precious bracelets, earings, necklaces, brooches  and hair accessories mainly made of silver or brass.  The pieces are made to order by hand and you can choose the materials. Price range goes from 40€ to 70€, and it will take up to 3 weeks to have them ready.


The Mama Kin jewels come from experimentation of the designer, who plays with geometry and the inspiration coming from natural materials such as shells, pearls, plants…

They can perfectly fit in both casual and dressed-up styles. The designs are subtle, with delicate symbols and meanings. For example, their flower collection reminds us that “Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it” 

A part from The Mama Kin and Daige, Repertory hosts other designers’products that are curated by themselves, always taking into account the high quality and aesthetics that best match their concept. They collaborate with 6-8 brands and, although it is mainly about clothes and jewellery, you can often find leather accessories, decoration pieces, aromatic candles and even Polaroid cameras!  

Melinda and Kinga also love sharing their passion and knowledge of fashion by organising ateliers for fashion enthusiasts. For instance, the last one this February was about scarf and scrunchies’ painting! – cool, isn’t it?



We finally discovered that the girls carefully select the plants that are all around the place too, as if they were part of the designs. It is surprisig how they affect the atmosphere; even if products and decoration are renewed, you will be always able to find the Repertory essence inside there.

– Written by Virginia Lite

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