Belgium: Celebrating 25 years of H&M


The AISPI team often works out of this beautiful co-working space in Antwerp called Fosbury and Sons.

On one of these super regular hard working days, while the teams head was buried under their laptops, we saw a lot of mannequins being carried in. Now, obviously, as an Ai-Spy, we couldn’t help but inquire. Luck has it, it was a celebration for H&M completing 25 years in Belgium. Well, not so much up our alley one would think, but here was the wonderful twist. The theme was around all the designer collaborations of H&M, going all the way back to Karl Lagerfeld in 2004.

Thanks to Anouk Lanoo, Nick and I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy the evening with H&M. The food was great, the drinks even better, but the best was seeing the amazing collaborations and creativity that H&M fostered over the years. Being the pioneer in mainstream brands and fashion, this side showed us how our readers can always strive to stand out. My personal favourite is still the H&M X Balmain collection.

However, what was an eye opener to us was their yearly collab with emerging designers from the best design schools from around the world. Did you know that? The winner of the design award 2018 is Stefan Cooke from Central Saint Martins. Innovation in design was what made him win this award – I cannot wait to see the collection that he produces!



Now that is a true AISPI find and I encourage you all, when you go shopping, be curious, ask questions and you will find a piece even in a place as mainstream as H&M that truly represents YOU!

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