Creative Expressions From Norwegian Holtzweiler House of Fashion


Holtzweiler spring-summer collection 2019

The Oslo-based fashion house Holzweiler was founded by siblings Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler in 2012. Their strong passion for art, culture and sustainability, has resulted in numerous art collaborations, full-scale collections of ready to wear, accessories, scarves and most recent, footwear. Read more about the creative expressions from Norwegian Holtzweiler House of Fashion.

Today, the siblings are running one of the biggest and most sought-after fashion brands in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Obviously, hard work and modesty have paid off since Holzweiler currently is working with over 200 retailers in Scandinavia, UK, Japan, US, Benelux and Germany.

Signature patterns
Throughout their line you’ll find signature patterns, artistic prints and a vivid use of color, combined with functional shapes and high-quality materials—a combination they have been true to since the beginning

However, it all began in 2006 when the siblings formed a fashion branding and marketing agency in Copenhagen and saw the need to bring the brands they’d encountered there to Norway feeling the urge to start something from scratch.

Creative Expressions From Norwegian Holtzweiler Fashion
They started with digital printing on scarves in collaboration with the famous Norwegian stencil and street-art artist, Martin Whatson. Customers could buy scarves by the meter, a gimmick that got widespread attention. The scarves became popular in Norway at a time when the brand did not focus on a global market.

After launching the first luxury scarf collection In cashmere, silk and wool blends, Holzweiler showed unique variations of prints and colors, and became an instant success on the Norwegian fashion market. Holzweiler quickly became a “scarf brand.”

Hotzweiler’s vision
However, the vision was to build a brand that would reflect the beauty of everyday life; something that would combine their passion for art and culture, with functional pieces and fine materials, and at the same time would be a positive contribution to the industry and society in general.

Andreas’ wife Maria, a fashion designer, joined the team  and In July 2014, Holzweiler expanded their creativity to the next level and launched their first ready-to-wear clothing line for men and women. Today, the Holzweiler collections are a direct result of collaborations with contemporary artists from around the world.

Norway’s design history is now
On their website, the founders Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler, say they aim “to continue to challenge themselves and the norms of the industry; to make good fashion, and to have a very good time while doing it.”

We might be tempted to say, Norway’s design history is now.

-Written by Tor Kjolberg

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