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AISPI believes in bringing to you the boutique finds in fashion and upcoming designers as recommened and worn by fashion pioneers. Therefore, we interviewed Cristina Grisalena, a name only two years old in the fashion influencer industry but steadily making waves as a stylish fashion icon. ‘What I want is for people to see how I can adapt fashion to my elegant and chic style’. We at AISPI were thrilled to explore this trend too so we went in for a conversation with Cristina Grisalena.

How did you become a fashion influencer in Victoria-Gasteiz?

I started with Instagram when a co-worker encouraged me because she knew I liked fashion. I use Instagram because I enjoy it and it is also a way to meet very interesting people. And now I cannot live without this social network.

What is your niche that sets you apart from the crowd of influencers?

I do not focus on a specific niche. I think what fans like about me is that I promote outfits at affordable prices, available to everyone. The important thing is that although we are not so young and have children, they see we can take care of ourselves and stay in fashion always.

Do you think the influencer industry is too dependent on Instagram?

Instagram greatly influences the purchase. The industry is realizing it is more effective to advertise a dress on Instagram because that dress is going to see its potential customers, i.e. people who love fashion.

When you think of who you are today, what has attributed the most to it? If you had to think of a person, a memory and an experience what would that be?  

I am a very constant person that I do not give up easily. Everything I have achieved in life has been with much effort. Although I often fall, the important thing is to get up again. And I always smile. It’s the medicine that makes me feel better. I remember a lot about my mother, who was very funny. When I was 5 years old, we would try thousands of outfits at home. I even put on her high heels to walk down the hallway.

Tell us about a time that you failed and how you used that to learn and inspire yourself and others around you?  

A very bad moment in my life was when my parents died and my boyfriend then left me. I thought that my life did not make sense but I realized that what does not kill you makes you stronger and I learned to value many aspects of life such as my friendships, a sunset, and the family I have now.

In today’s world, we are consistently living through the lives of others. What is your message to young readers on how to make their own memories?

Be careful and know how to differentiate private life from public life as you can resent a lot and there are people who can hurt you very much. I take special care not to show my son’s face in my photos. There are people who do it and I do not criticize them for it, but I would never do it.

Can you please mention a few words about our concept of AISPI?

It is a fashion project and guide curated by experience and research where you find boutiques that are close to you whilst having a quiet cup of coffee. It’s like the Michelin Guide but aimed at fashion.

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-Interviewed by Emma Van Severen and Edited by Sureka Naven

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