Have we taken technology too far in fashion?


I recently came across this article on Not Just a Label and I am so happy that this topic was raised. It is exactly what I think about day in and day out.

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“Data and customer power have created a fashion ecosystem that looks all too much like fast fashion. Immediacy and accessibility have taken the lead over artistic vision and originality.” – NJAL 

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Instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter, youtube, vimeo, and the list can keep going on – have consumed us all over. How many of you experience that when you look once for a white dress, you suddenly start seeing white dresses all over your desktop? This is called targeted consumer marketing. While it is awesome when it helps you find that white dress, do we realize the depth of it?

NJAL rightly says, “Risk-taking, experimenting, and even failures are what lead us to new and innovative ideas and directions in fashion.” By consistently spying on what people want, are we crushing the very spirit of experimentation? On one hand, brands don’t need to wait for an entire season of print magazine feedback before they can actively react to consumers, but on the other, where is the freedom of creativity? Of actually being surprised by what you find?

Digital technology NJAL fashion aispi (5) Digital technology NJAL fashion aispi (5)

This is just one aspect, there are so many others that we can debate upon

Consumers becoming more and more demanding for new trends and styles, which is leading to the exploitation of the planet. This has led to the growth of the sustainable fashion trend, but are the prices there sustainable?

The overwhelming world of digital media which is creating an alternate world and questioning the very reality of statements and visuals that we see

The lack of human experience and touch with the absolute boom in e-commerce

And much more …

Digital technology NJAL fashion aispi (5)

I encourage you all to read this well put together and thoughtful piece by Katherine Fox (found here) and comment on our instagram here to tell us what you think!

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