How to make unique pieces stand out


I believe that fashion is not always about trends and what fashion bloggers are wearing but about what you feel comfortable with and what expresses your true self. I have learned that once you understand what works for you, shopping becomes more fun and dressing chic a habit. It doesn’t matter if you love colors or you rely more on black, there’s one way to create an outfit with which you’ll never go wrong: choose one unique piece and make it stand out.

I like to define my style as a mixture of my girly and flirty side with my classic and chic inspirations. Often mixing styles can be tricky and it can make you look like you are trying too hard. That’s why I focus on one piece.

When you work with one unique piece and then work the rest of the outfit around it, it doesn’t only allow you to look put together but to buy unique pieces and spend a little bit extra on those. Take a jacket, for example, I love to wear white t-shirts and dress them up. Jackets especially those colorful and pretty ones are always more expensive. I choose to spend a little bit more on a jacket that will be my key piece the whole season and style it differently every day. That way I wear comfy jeans, my white t-shirt, dainty jewelry and let the pink jacket do the talking.

If you want to make that unique bag or jacket you bought stand out, build the outfit around it. Focus on complementing it rather than combining it, remember you don’t want it to blend. You need it to pop out, even if it’s not colorful. Mix textures, colors, fabrics and styles to make people turn to look at it. Remember, it’s all about showing off your personality!

Here are some mood boards of how I do it:



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If you are more of a romantic and don’t like to wear bright colors choose a jacket with a bold design or your favorite color. By adding details like pastel platform shoes and dainty jewellery you’ll elevate the outfit and make the jacket pop even more.



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If you are more comfortable with monochrome looks you can go ahead and choose two statement pieces like earrings and platforms. You’ll keep the look classy for a night out but still steal all the attention in the room.



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Statement shoes are my favorite, because you get to keep the outfit casual and comfortable. Jeans are always a good option to dress shoes down but never loose the glamour.


-By Valeria D’Andrea



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