Lys.Fashion a visual B2B platform for designers and boutique stores


Lys.Fashion is THE Visual B2B platform dedicated to the Premium Fashion Industry.

It brings together premium brands and emerging talent with high-quality materials & inspirational designs and connects them with premium retailers worldwide. By partnering with us at AISPI, we help facilitate the environment further for emerging designers and niche boutiques. You can get an exclusive AISPI code for a 6 month free trial. Click here

For professional fashion boutiques to get inspired

  • Receive recommendations on products and brands of your interest
  • Stay up to date with your favorite brands, trends and collections
  • Contact brands and submit order requests
  • Enjoy more than one way of discovering inspiration

For premium brands and talented designers to get discovered

  • Showcase your latest products and connect with premium retailers
  • Obtain analytics on product ratings and customer preferences and behaviors
  • Control who sees your collection and products
  • Launch regularly smaller and limited collections

You want to see how the platform works? Click here for an exclusive AISPI deal of 6 months free 

Important: Lys.Fashion is a closed and curated fashion community dedicated to fashion professionals only! Therefore, we work with a validation process to protect our brands/designers’ and stores’ interests.

Check our blog for the latest fashion trends.

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