Princess-like inspiration by Jordan Brown


Think the princess life? Welcome Jordan Brown! You can spot only colorful flowers, lace dresses and a big smile when scrolling through this British influencer’s Instagram. Want to be inspired by a real princess? Keep on reading!

What are your thoughts on boutique stores?

I love the AISPI concept! When I was in Marrakesh during my latest trip, I mostly visited souks, while I normally shop online.

What is your favorite boutique/ designer?

I love the online store called ChicWish because they offer a wide range of all kinds of dresses. From floral dresses to glitter and casual dresses.

What is the impact that you hope to leave behind?

I always try to see the magic in everyday life, whether that be through beautiful flowers or delicious food. I started blogging because I wanted to have a creative outlet for my writing and photographing. I hope that I leave behind positivity and the inspiration to travel as much as possible.

What are some of your favorite cities to visit in Europe?

I absolutely love Amsterdam and Budapest. Both of those cities are so beautiful and there is so much to see.

What is your fashion/ style?

I would say my style is whimsical fashion.

What influences it the most?

I’m not sure really! I just wear what I want and I am not too influenced by trends. This means I like to find unique pieces wherever possible.

What does travel mean to you? How does it influence your style?

I love to relate my fashion to the locations I visit, so that they blend together and create a perfect photo. Travel is my favorite thing to create content for as there’s always so much to explore.

What is your message to young readers on how to make their own memories?

I always tell people not to compare their behind the scenes to other people’s highlight reels. You should use these as inspiration to get the things you want in life but never feel bad if you are not achieving them just yet. Everything takes hard work and time. Focus on your own life and goals and follow them.

– Interviewed and edited by Emma Van Severen

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