The Revolutionary Jacket Everybody Needs


How do you turn a JACKET into a TENT?

Most of you might think this is an ABSURD question! But it’s really NOT.

Why? Because I asked… just kidding. But, in all seriousness this was the exact question I asked when, I came across iconaccidental’s Instagram post about ADIFF.

ADIFF, is a brand that aims to create unique but necessary clothing that adhere to the specific needs of those in crisis situations.

I created ADIFF because I saw the potential for fashion to be a vehicle for change, capable of providing life-saving relief, while also discussing a major issue of our time. I wanted to integrate fashion with what’s actually going on in the world, and design products that realize clothing’s full capability. Clothing can meet the humanitarian need and further assist us in our daily lives, if it’s designed right.

-Angela Luna, Founder & CEO

Now back to the EXCITING part where I tell you about how a JACKET turns into a TENT!!!

The Tent Jacket, as it’s officially called was originally designed to aid refugees who are constantly on the move.

FAST FORWARD to today- It’s become a unique fashion statement that serves dual functionality for everyday adventure seekers.

Anything and Everything about the REVOLUTIONARY, Tent Jacket:

adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary  adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary


adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary  adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary  adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary

adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary  adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary

adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary  adiff_tent_jacket_unique_fashion_revolutionary


Last but not least, IT’S MORE THAN FASHION!



Each Tent Jacket, has a strong humanitarian impact – for every jacket sold one will be donated to a displaced person.

*These jackets will be distributed amongst those who are in dire need of temporary shelter.

To Support the Cause and/or Purchase Your Jacket: Click Here

How, do you guys feel about this innovative idea? Would you buy a jacket?

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