United Fashion Project: Making European Fashion Stronger


As a part of the Creative Europe program, 8 partners from across the EU and 23 associate partners have created the United Fashion Project. A project that is meant to stimulate entrepreneurial creativity and innovation in the fashion world and its companies in Europe.

By uniting fronts with this 4-year idea they plan to allow entrepreneurs from the European Union to be business-minded without losing its creativity and style. This will include exchanging ideas and practices between markets. Making the Fashion EU market stronger and united, especially for smaller brands.


How can designers participate?

Through different international network events in different countries inside the EU, more than 150 European designers can participate in different workshops and learn about new techniques. By using international showrooms among the partners the project will allow connecting designers with producers, buyers, and consumers that will help.


The main partners involved in the project are:

Maisons de Mode Lille – Roubaix (France)
Fashion Council Germany (Germany)
Not just a Label (UK)
Fashion Week Corporation (Macedonia)
Moda Lisboa (Portugal)
the Baltic Fashion Federation (Latvia)
Flanders DC (Belgium)
MAD, Brussels Fashion and Design Platform (Belgium)

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Flanders  DC – https://flandersdc.be/nl/united-fashion

-By Valeria D’Andrea 

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