Weekly Digest – Artistic jewelry, shopping in Antwerp and everything you need to know about sustainability!


Antwerp – the boutiques to know!

Uber cool sunglasses, sustainable jewelry and a heritage glove boutique in the heart of the city; discover the hidden fashion gems from the city of Antwerp via the AISPI blog.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week – the start of a new era?

In a day and age defined by sustainability and the fashion industry’s long standing impact on the environment, Copenhagen Fashion Week has launched a new initiative that is a first for the industry, let alone for a fashion week.

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Everything you need to know about the A-Z of Sustainable Fashion!

Are you a sustainable fashion aficionado looking to get up-to-date on the latest in sustainable fashion? Look no further than our Sustainability Glossary – promising you the lo-down on all the buzzwords you need to know about.

Read the full glossary here.

Rent and Resale – why the industry needs to focus on more to tackle sustainability concerns.

While the fashion industry’s efforts to commit to a sustainable future have seen the rise of rental and resale portals, industry leaders must also focus on business models that produce lesser and better, opines FashionUnited.

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Unsaid Library – the perfect present for that special someone!

Are you looking to pick up a gift for your special someone but can’t find the right way to express what you feel? Enter Unsaid Library – a jewelry brand that crafts the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, inspired from those feelings that are often left unexpressed.

Read AISPI’s interview with Unsaid Library here.

Soha Joshi

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