WEEKLY DIGEST – BoF lists the designers to watch at LFW plus so much more!


London Fashion Week – BoF picks the designers to watch out for!

Hot on the heels of London Fashion Week last month, Business of Fashion lists the designers to watch out for. For a long time now, LFW has been widely appreciated for being a hotbed of emerging designers and for encouraging an incredibly diverse mix of emerging and established designers. This season saw all the old favorites, plus some brilliant new ones that made the sartorial round-up.

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Fashion from the streets of Berlin – the German designers you need to know!

Heading to Berlin this holiday season and don’t know where to shop? We hear you! AISPI curates a list of designers from the German capital that are hard to miss and should be at the very top of your list! Moving away from the regular, run-of-the-mill stuff and moving towards the local boutiques and designers (with unparalleled talent to boot!), AISPI is proud to bring you it’s curation that includes everything from a old locksmith’s shop converted into a store to a young designer who is a torchbearer of sustainable fashion in the German fashion industry.

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88 colors in your favorite pair of shoes, only with this Antwerp based brand!

If you’re an avid shoe shopper (but really, who isn’t!?) and love color (we’re talking 88 of them – *cue gasp*) then you need to know about this incredible shoe store in Belgium – NOE. With an interesting backstory that led to the ideation and eventual launch of the brand plus shoes in every color of the rainbow (plus more), NOE is a shoeholic’s dream and a must-visit on your next trip to Antwerp!

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This Belgium brand transforms your deepest emotions into stunning jewelry!

Are you someone who walks around with their heart on their sleeve (and their jewelry in place)? If so, then you must read all about UNSAID LIBRARY – a jewelry brand based in Antwerp that takes inspiration from your deepest emotions and transforms them into wearable pieces of pure art – a definite first! Unsaid Library’s story of how the brand came about is deeply personal (as is every piece they sell) and a must read, if only to go misty eyed over the stunning pieces they retail (the Parallel collection is one of our personal favorites!).

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Rise and shine, the eco-friendly way!

We’ll just say it – we love sequins. Whether it is on the dress or the toes of our shoes – we have a unabashed love for the shiny, shimmery fabric that spells utter joy at every swish and flick. With the growing awareness for sustainability in fashion and the changing face of the global fashion industry, however, we are always on the lookout for more environment friendly options of our textile variant and we seem to have finally found it! Read one woman’s incredibly inspiring journey to create a company that makes recyclable, minimal wastage and biodegradable sequins that has been picked up by the likes of MonCita and Gucci!

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Our WEEKLY DIGEST features regular news from the fashion industry in Europe and beyond! Stay tuned via the AISPI Instagram and blog as the team brings to you the latest in the European fashion community.

-Soha Joshi

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