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Eastern Europe – the emerging hub of fashion

For a long time, fashion conglomerates have looked towards Eastern Europe for skilled craftsmanship to aid in the manufacturing process. However, with a growing number of legacy brands moving abroad in search of cheaper labour, younger brands are capitalizating on the skills of the talented craftsmen of Eastern Europe and defining what fashion from the region is all about.

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Jean Paul Gaultier – of (upcycled) couture and trendsetting fashion

Haute Couture Week Spring Summer 2020 was marked by a momentous occasion – designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s final runway show, culminating a fifty year old career speckled with extraordinary sartorial moments like Madonna’s pointy cone bra that inspired many a knock off for decades to come, among countless others. The show featured a line of upcycled clothing – crafted from everything including opera gloves to old jean jackets and was one that will be remembered for a long time to come.

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Anna Rosa Moschouti – jewelry inspired by architecture

Architect Anna Rosa Moschouti’s passion for jewelry led to the creation of her namesake label, with sleek jewelry that is reminscent of an architect’s floor plans. With sustainability and women empowerment at the root of her brand, we are so excited to see where Anna Rosa Moschouti is headed in the days to come.

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Indian designer Rahul Mishra makes a smashing debut at Haute Couture Week

Indian designer Rahul Mishra – a mainstay at Paris Fashion Week for a few years now – made his couture debut at Haute Couture Week last month. The collection featured everything mini dresses rendered with three dimensional flora and fauna and gowns topped with exotic plummage. In true couture style, Mishra’s collection was put together by over 1500 craftsmen – and marked a debut that was promising on every front.

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Sustainable sequins for a sparkling future!

Sequins that shine and are sustainable? Rachel Clowes of the Sustainable Sequin Company is making all your eco-friendly sequins come true by integrating science with her love for all things shiny for a result that has already made it’s way into the retail space.

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Soha Joshi

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