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Sustainability in the times of COVID-19 – a Vogue Business special

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt the global economy, the fashion industry remains at the forefront of the businesses that have been impacted the most due to the global pandemic. Amidst the chaos, the question of how the sustainability commitments of fashion companies around the world will fare, remains.

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Vienna – the (local) designers we LOVE!

While the world is on lockdown, we are finding respite and day dreaming of the time when we can travel again via our curated boutique list from the city of Vienna. Brimming with talent and culture, the city of Vienna has it all – whether you are looking for a local concept store or avante garde fashion that you’ve never seen before!

Click here to browse through AISPI’s favourites from Vienna.

AS by Akansha Sethi – luxury jewels for work and play!

Whether in Mumbai or London, Akansha Sethi’s jewelry is hard to miss. Akansha crafts her pieces with a unique combination of traditional Indian craftsmanship and modern design sensibilities for jewelry that takes you from the boardroom to the bar and we’ll beyond.

Click here to read AISPI’s interview with Akansha Sethi.

COVID-19 – What does the future hold for rental and resale?

At a time when social distancing, sanitising and quarantining seems to be the new normal, what is the future of rental and resale fashion? Operating on the idea of a shared economy, WWD explores how rental and resale fashion companies are keeping up in the times of COVID-19.

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Paris – We found all NEW boutiques, just for you!

Paris never fails us and this time around too, Team AISPI returned with a brand new list of boutiques from the City of Lights. While you may be reading this sitting at home, click on the link below to take a (virtual) trip to everything from a custom footwear boutique to a Japanese label on the quintessentially Parisian street of 12 Rue Froissart.

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Soha Joshi

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