Weekly Digest – H & M launches it’s first experiential store in Berlin plus more!


Walk into H&M’s first experiential store in Berlin!

Amidst an international hue-and-cry demanding a mass reformation within the fast fashion industry, it is no surprise that some of the leading fast fashion brands are biting the dust when it comes to popularity or sales. In a bid to catch up to the changing times and pick up it’s pace amidst flagging sales, H&M unveils an experiential store in Berlin – definitely a first of it’s kind. The store features a yoga studio, a café with an adjoining garden as well as a small section that features vegan cosmetics, second clothing from it’s partner brands as well as a perfumery.

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Giambattista Valli x H&M – the inside scoop on the collaboration of the year!

One of the most awaited collaborations of the year – Giambattista Valli x H&M was unveiled in Rome on October 25th and will be on shop floors on November 7th. The collaboration is a grand coming together of two apparent opposites of the fashion industry – one is a haute couture designer and the other is a fast fashion giant – and is made of pieces that are on their way to being cult favorites already – case in point, the pink tulle concoction supermodel Kendall Jenner strutted down the runway in has received several enquiries since the day of the preview already.

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AISPI picks their top favorites from London Fashion Week (trust us, you don’t want to miss these!).

In September, AISPI headed to London to catch the designers showcasing at LFW Spring/Summer 2020. However, these designers were anything but your usual run-of-the-mill. True to our USP, we have a curation of designers for you that include everything from a designer making eclectic clothing featuring vivid prints to a designer duo inspired from the crafts of Guatamela.

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ST. Tropez – the shopping hotspots that you need to know!

Is St. Tropez on your list this holiday season? If so, you must check out AISPI’s curation of some of the best boutiques and designers this shopping hotspot has to offer. Located right smack in the middle of the French Riveria, the town offers something for everyone – we aispi-ed a beautiful store selling stunning pieces handcrafted in pure linen, a multi-designer boutique retailing the most talented of local artists and everything in between.

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Your styling woes sorted with Karla Welch!

A styling service that offers you custom styling advice from some of the industry’s best stylists? Meet WISHI – the styling app conceptualized by celebrity stylist Karla Welch. Launched in September this year, the app gives you custom styling advice on everything right from the cut of jeans suitable for your body type to putting together a whole look for you for your next interview.

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-Soha Joshi

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