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Mother Rose – maternity wear for the fashionable mum-to-be.

While there is no denying that pregnancy is a miraculously life-altering experience for the women who experience it, there are also the emotional and physical changes to take into consideration. At such a crucial stage of a woman’s life, it is only apt that she has access to fashion that makes her feel like an absolute queen. Enter Mother Rose – a maternity wear label by Lauren Manville, that promises all of this and much more with stylish designs, fabrics that are every bit as soft and comfortable as you would want them to be and prices that won’t break the bank.

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Jo Malone x Zara – a fragrance lover’s dream collab.

Fragrance lovers, rejoice! Historical fragrance maker Jo Malone London has teamed up with fast fashion giant Zara to launch a series of perfumes in a new, long-term partnership that will see both brands coming together for the first time. The collaboration has already launched in Europe and is set to enter US and Asia early next year.

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Cris Maria – Meet the geological engineering graduate who decided to follow her dream.

A geological engineering graduate turned jewelry designer, meet Cris Maria who decided to follow her passion and has since been designing exquisite pieces of jewelry that are both a trend and legacy in themselves. When asked to define her brand, she has just three words for us – silver, simple and sophisticated.

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UntuckIt – the American brand that is all set to launch in London!

American brand UntuckIt is all set to make it’s European debut with the launch of it’s stores in London. The brand makes shirts that are meant to be worn untucked and will offer in-store whiskey tastings to complement the shopping experience. The brand has also recently forayed into sustainable fashion with it’s collaboration with Fair Harbor – the US based company that makes swimsuits for men and women from recycled plastic.

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A ShotOf color – the psychedelic British brand we absolutely love.

Fun fact – Fatos Tezcan is actually a mechanical engineer who transitioned to the world of psychedelic color with her label ShotOf. Unapologetically bold with a not-so-subtle edge of couture, the brand is a shining rainbow in a black-and-white world with a stunning assortment of everything from kaftans to pantsuits.

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-Soha Joshi

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