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Megan Markle perfects the sustainable look

Sustainable fashion and conscious clothing have been hot on the radar recently and this is a good sign seeing that the world needs more heads put together to raise awareness of how fashion brands and the common man can unite to cushion the impact of the environmental hazards. And with trendsetters like the Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle attending a social event wearing a sustainable shirt from the British brand, ‘With Nothing Underneath’ is likely to get the ball rolling.

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Acabada – The first CBD-infused activewear brand

The great thing about people is that they never cease to invent new and unique inventions. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a new sheriff in the fashion world – Acabada introduces itself as the first CBD-infused activewear brand. CBD, or cannabiniol can be found in an array of products ranging from acne prevention oils, to brow gel to nutritional supplements and now sportswear. What exactly is this compound, what does it do to our clothes, how will it help you, and more importantly, would you wear it? Find out here.

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Vetements to launch a new program for young designers

Shortly after the departure of co-founder Demna Gvasalia from the Zurich-based brand Vetements, there has been an announcement aimed at fresh designers worldwide. Guram Gvasalia, Vetements’s CEO and Demna Gvasalia’s brother has exciting plans for next year where he proposes to launch a new program to assist young designers. A variety of services and programs can be benefited from, including offering scholarships, using the company’s offices for working space, and school visits to discuss the impacts of the fashion industry.

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Halla Halla’s anthem – From garbage to gorgeous

Ethical fashion comes in all forms, shapes and sizes, only to get more creative and futuristic with every passing day. Take Halla Halla for example. Founders Salla Valkonen and Hanna Lehtovaara transform plastic waste into revolutionary beachwear proving ethics and style aren’t mutually exclusive. An authentic sustainable swimwear brand made of recycled bottles and fishnets inspired by oceans and tropical jungles. Fashionable, resourceful, and sustainable – it really is the whole package.

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-Sureka Naven

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