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Copenhagen – the boutiques to know

The land of happy is home to some of the most ingenious fashion gems of Europe. Team AISPI takes a trip to the Dutch capital city Copenhagen and comes home with bags full of cheeky tees, sustainable knits and tweed jackets.

Check out our favorites from Copenhagen here.

STAIY – Sustainable fashion at your fingertips!

If one of your goals for 2020 is to be more mindful of your fashion choices, then look no further than STAIY – a digital platform that retails an edit of one hundred percent sustainable fashion labels from Europe. The platform is also one of the firsts to use Artificial Intelligence for a personalised shopping experience.

Read more on STAIY here.

Wolinska London – the designer label on AISPI’s radar

Meet designer Gosia Wolinska as she takes us behind the scenes on the inspiration behind her fashion label Wolinska London – right from her early days as an apprentice at her father’s workshop to designing elaborate tulle concoctions with a vintage twist.

Read Gosia’s interview with AISPI here.

Neonyt – Sustainable fashion at the forefront at Berlin Fashion Week

Neonyt – a sustainable fashion fair – has opened shop at Berlin Fashion Week. The event will see a sustainable fashion show, fair fashion workshops and fashion labels veered towards sustainability exhibiting their wares. In light of the increase in climate induced phenomena around the world, events like Neonyt are the need of the hour and a must visit for fair fashion lovers in Berlin.

Read more on Neonyt here.

Antwerp – the fashion hotspots you need to know!

Team AISPI takes on it’s homebase and explores some of the hidden fashion gems from the city of Antwerp. From the perfect leather bag to shoes in over 88 colors – we have something for everyone!

Catch our recommendations from Antwerp here.

Soha Joshi

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