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Rent in, retail out – AISPI discovers how the rental fashion industry is impacting traditional retail

With the rise of rental fashion stores around the world, AISPI explores how the concept is impacting the economy, environment and most importantly, traditional retail. How does the concept work and what are the newest innovations taking charge in the global fashion industry, plus a list of some of our favorite rental boutiques in Europe.

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Zalando – a look at how the fashion retailer plans to go sustainable

Europe’s largest online fashion retailer – Zalando – is expanding and how! The brand plans to dive deeper into the sustainable end of the business and even has plans to launch a sustainable private label. By 2020, the brand is aiming sky-high to become the go-to platform for sustainability in the fashion industry.

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Shop consciously without skimping on retail therapy!

Our contributor for October, Rashmi Bhosale, dishes out some noteworthy tips on how to shop consciously and still treat yourself in the bargain. While the flood of information in today’s day and age is enough to make anyone eco-anxious in some form or the other, Bhosale explores ways in which you can strike a subtle balance between sustainability and retail therapy – an essential must-do, especially this holiday season.

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Fur real – which is the better option?

When given a choice between a coat lined with real fur and one rendered in faux fur, which one do you end up going for? In this interesting thought piece, AISPI dives deeper into the intricacies of both and uncovers the reality of what actually goes behind the production of both variants.

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