AISPI X 100% Capri

100% Capri

Selling clothes and accessories

Style is light, fresh, modern and elegant

Prices are between €300 and €900

The man behind this brand is Antonino Aiello; inspired by the traditional resort lifestyle of Capri and evoking the essence of "la dolce vita", clothes and accessories are handmade in Italy using the purest and lightest custom-made linen, carefully handcrafted into luxurious fashion-led apparel for men, women and children

Drawing inspiration from the colors and shapes of Capri, it is the combination of linen as well the magic of the island of Capri that allow those who wear 100% Capri collection, to live in a dream: graceful decors and details recall the charming and timeless tradition of this island, known worldwide as the home of holiday elegance

AISPI shops here for select super high quality pieces that remain a classic

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