AISPI X Aesthet


Selling clothes, bags, sandals, jewelry and accessories

Style is elegant and sophisticated

Prices are between €200 and €800

AESTHET derives its name from the greek word “aesthetics” and refers to the definition of the aesthete person: aes•thete ,n. One who cultivates a high sensitivity to beauty. They aspire to showcase exclusive creations and limited editions crafted by established brands as well as upcoming contemporary Greek designers

Notable designers that can be found her are Ancient Kallos, Vassia Kostara, Kooreloo and many more

Located in Nammos Village, along with many other cafes, shops and bars, AISPI likes to go to Aesthet to learn about the most coveted Greek designers. From greek sandals to gold feathered gowns, the style here definitely shouts out loud that you enjoyed your summer in Greece

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