AISPI X Aimee Ward

Aimee Ward

Selling accessories

Style is feminine and unique

Selling from € 400 to €450

Aimee Ward is a London based accessories brand who’s principle is to create ‘wearable art’ that is completely unique in both it’s appearance and production techniques. The entire form of the bag has been designed with close attention-to-detail, from the unusual hinge closure to the choice of hardware. Each work of art is hand crafted in England by a small number of skilled artisans

The collection of bags have been inspired by a fascination with the beauty of Mother Nature contrasted with strong clean lines from a combination of fabrications including metal and leather making them stand-out pieces. When purchasing a bag online you also have the option of having your piece engraved with names, dates and any other peronal messages to make it unique to you.

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