AISPI X An-nee


Selling accessories and jewellery

Style is elegant and refined

Selling from €40 to €150

A young French brand of accessories that is revisiting the world of silk. The process of An-nee always starts with a story and time. With these inspirations, An-nee reinvented the silk scarf with her own distinctive square scarf with an asymmetrical placement. After perfecting the silk scarf, An-nee decided to introduce it into the world of jewellery too! Enhancing the silk into bespoke elegant pieces.

With a love for colour and seasonal pallets the An-nee scarf will allow you to brighten up your wardrobe in winter and compliment your summer looks with ease. By making the silk more accessible and offering smaller, versatile sizes everyone can dare to add a little bit more to their normal outfit!

AISPI loves the way they tie twillies around metal to make them into simple and colourful accesories

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