AISPI X Ara Rose


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Style is organic and ethical

Selling from €35 to €90

With the vision is to create collections inspired by different travel vibes around the Earth including Island, City and Adventure. Ararose's clothes are made with love and are timeless in design, keeping you stylish for years to come. Ararose clothes are designed with a conscious decision to step away from fast fashion.

They pride themselves and are very proud to have worked with factories that empower employees by providing a fair living wage, fair working hours, opportunities for bonuses, a high standard working environment. While also keeping waste to a minimum by using 100% recycled paper for their hanging tags and their mailing bags are also 100% recyclable and biodegradable! While also having the option to shop on their 'conscious outlet' where they donate £1 from every sale to Fashion Revolution. You also have the option to send your own clothes so they can be sold second hand through Ararose to keep moving forward with sustainable fashion.

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