Selling gloves

Price ranges from €100 to €400

Style is classic and everlasting

One of the oldest stores in Belgium, dating back to the 1920's. A 3rd generation family business, Ganterie Boon is the place that is not to be missed. Entering the shop transports you to an era of its own! The interiors of the shop remain untouched with original glove boxes, countertops, cabinets and chairs from the previous century

While the store itself is exceptional, the gloves that you find here are exquisite. With racing gloves in patchwork leather, to fur lined elbow gloves and cashmere silk formal pieces. They do a personal glove fitting to ensure that you really walk away with a piece that is meant to be

AISPI shops here for classic high quality fur lined every day gloves as well as lace and leather statement driving gloves

The shop has been covered by AISPI talent Tibo

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