BYKAVYA is my absolute favorite - a concept like no other. We have all heard that fashion is a language, a way to express yourself. ByKavya does exactly that - she turns your thoughts, your beliefs and your passions into a piece of art and then etches it onto clothing

Combining urban street wear and couture, BYKAVYA is a brand started by a young designer. We are currently working with her on the entire AISPI Talent lifecycle. All the steps are outlined below

Branding and market entry strategy: Working with the designer to define her brand values and all different channels and methods to enter the market. A target audience and region mapping.

Connect with content creators: Using our AISPI talent pool, connecting with a team of photographers, videographers and graphic designers for content creation

Media coverage: A full coverage package on our website, instagram and facebook

Online sales: A hypothesis based sales funnel on AISPI Finds. This is different than typical sales and stocking websites as we give you smart sales. What that means is every time you have a new collection, we will launch it on our website and subsequently run digital, offline and influencer campaigns. We will do this across regions and target audiences. So while you are getting sales you are also getting data on what your market entry strategy should look like

Stocking: Basis the results of online sales, we are helping BYKAVYA to get stocked at boutiques in Dubai, India and select European countries. We are working on agile sales funnels, all while gathering market intelligence. BYKAVYA participated with us in Luxury Lifestyle India and several London Private sales.

Designer collaborations: In order to gain inspiration as well as exposure to like minded target audiences, we are responsible for designer collaborations for BYKAVYA. These include but not limited to talks, panels, product co creation and complementary collections
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