Selling customized clothes

Prices start at €200

Style is urban art

ByKavya is my absolute favorite - a concept like no other. We have all heard that fashion is a language, a way to express yourself. ByKavya does exactly that - she turns your thoughts, your beliefs and your passions into a piece of art and then etches it onto clothing

So how does it exactly work - you have a phone call with the designer, who then finds out about your unique story, inspirations and memories. Thereafter, she creates an urban art based custom apparel design. This design is then transferred on to a tshirt, jacket, scarf or whatever your heart desires using mediums such as paints and vinyl. Each creation is hand made and 100% unique

AISPI has an exclusive partnership with the brand and you can get a discount code of upto 50% depending on the item of clothing by emailing us on

AISPI worked with ByKavya to revamp a trench coat that was over 15 years old. This bespoke piece features two dancers interlocking to form a heart that symbolizes undying energy, hidden quotes that stand for passion and hard work and respect through your name. See the video for the making!

Coverage by Nick Cusseneers

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