AISPI X Caulain Court

Caulain Court

Selling shoes

Style is classic

Price €30 - €800

A Paris based shoe brand founded in 2008 by Alexis Lafont that uses the combination of traditional know-how and bold creativity to handcraft every shoe. Lafont proposes an alternate vision of luxury based on time, relationships and commitment.

The passion that animates the hands of the craftspeople who produce, patinate and polish every pair of shoes, knowing they will be unique. Built into Caulaincourt’s DNA is a desire to bring to life each client’s wishes, whether it be for a sublime patina or an exceptional leather.

What that basically means is that the clients enter the store and create a shoe from scratch completely unique to them - you choose your shoe shape, the colour (or colours), laces and inner sole. The atelier mixes they dyes to make your unique piece

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