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Priced between €300 to €600

If there is one shop in Prague that you CANNOT MISS, it is this one. They make bespoke made to measure denim jeans! We have all heard of custom suits, shirts and dresses, but Chatty takes it to the next level by making jeans just for you the way you like them. You can read all about it here

Not only this, they redefine denim, by using it in absolutely innovative ways that allow it to pass off as formal wear - combining it with structured cuts in knee length dresses, to using fringes, 3D material on jackets and what not. This store is definitely the goldmine of Czech fashion.

AISPI shops here for investment grade denim, not only for the quality but also the design and cut (as it is literally one in the world)

Photo coverage by AISPI talent Viktoria Samus and photos by store themselves

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