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Claire Tagg

Selling clothes

Priced at an average €500

Style is romantic and edgy

Claire Tagg has got to be one of the most promising designers we have seen. We attended London Fashion Week and spotted her at the Fashion Scout Runway - and we were blown away. Her designs are inspired by her previous life as an airhostess and that can be depicted in the abstract prints and use of buckles. The cuts are absolutely gorgeous and so flattering that trust us, you should definitely get your hands on one before its too late!

" My designs combine both destruction with glamour. Primarily print based with rich textures and elaborate embellishment. My graduate collection was based on the concept of my journey as an air hostess. I created a series of illustrations to show how I once perceived myself as an air stewardess, looking elegant whilst wearing my airline uniform with pride. The illustrations are combined with destructive textures to represent how my dream got torn apart when I experienced the harsh reality of this difficult job. The cut of my collection explores the airline uniform that I once admired, inspired by structured airline jackets which are combined with softer fabrics. The garments are heavily embellished to show elements of glamour contrasted against ripped/worn textures. My style of designing shows a preference to craft, all my prints are hand dawn/painted and are hand stitched with ornate decoration. My graduate collection attracts a lot of attention for its unusual elements such as my creative use of airline seat belts however I am aware that my designs need to become more wearable. Moving forward I will continue to create beautiful one off pieces which look like works of art rather than wearable garments and combine them with designs which are wearable but just as glamorous. " - Claire Tagg

The coverage was done by AISPI Talent Sophia Keijzer

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