AISPI X Coflict of Ego

Conflict of Ego

Selling clothing and accessories

Style is vivid and modern

Price €70 to €400

Conflict of Ego a clothing brand which uses fashion to fight for women’s issues and global change. Each piece is ultimately designed to empower people. "Make an entrance to be remembered".

Conflict of Ego is driven by a thirst for diversity and self-expression. They thrive on being culturally fluid and borderless in attitude – and they want you to, too. With real people at the core of everything COE does, we’re eager to empower people to overcome prejudice issues, by being outspoken and supportive of one another in business or socially. Blurring the lines with aesthetics from different era’s and cultures, our designs are heavily inspired by social and political movements. The #COEGIRL is utterly unapologetic and self-empowered.

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