AISPI X Cris Maria

Cris Maria

Selling jewellery

Style is trendy, sophisticated and silver

Selling from €40 to €250

CRISMARIA Jewelry is a brand that explores through silver, the simplicity, the sophisticated and the original forms. You can find uniqueness and versatility in each collection. Most of the pieces are made by hand in sterling silver. Her jewelry explores not only nature and organic forms but also the geometric side exploring material’s symmetries and different textures.

CRISMARIA Jewelry challenge is to design and create trendy and meaningful pieces, that can pass on love and values to future generations, making them timeless. A trend and a legacy. Cristina loves being inspired from everyday life to nature and architecture forms . Each piece carries a bit of her within them.

AISPI had the privilege to meet the designer behind the label, read all about her story here- trust me its one not to be missed!

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