AISPI X Dcember


Selling bags

Priced between €150 and €600

Style is customized and classic

The founder of Dcember - Florien has an extensive background in design, having worked for famous fashion houses such as Kenzo and Dirk Bikkembergs. Therefore, when she launched her brand of customizable bags we had to stop by. The concept is based on the slow fashion movement as each bag can be customized and changed to fit every season or mood

You can start with a basic bag, add a black leather flap for winter or a pink one for summer, thereafter different colored shoulder straps or wooden trims to make it into a clutch - the possibilities are endless. See our video to watch how Florien converted the same bag into six different styles

AISPI shops here for a cross body bag that lasts us from winter to summer and day to night

Coverage by Marta Cots

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