AISPI X El Gindi

El Gindi

Selling jewellery

Style is minimalist and classic

Selling from €200 to €2000

El Gindi is a fine jewellery brand that creates personalised jewellery made of 14 Karat solid recycled gold. Designer Dina El Gindi has the vision of uniting elegance and social responsibility and thrives to build a sustainable and environmentally kind brand, and she has done just that! Every piece is created in Germany using a combination of 3D-printing, casting, and handicraft and only made when ordered to avoid unnecessary production waste.

Having both Egyptian and German backgrounds, Dina was able to merge the two cultures together for her inspiration behind the brand to create individually, personalised unique pieces. Wanting to produce jewellery for the strong independent woman who have influenced her throughout her life.

With the ability to personalise each piece that you buy so it is unique to you and has a story behind it!

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