EPOK is a brand that stands for feminine elegance and is for the modern confident woman. The E P O K signature dress is defined by its fluidity of form and freedom of movement. It is inspired by the fluid shapes of the Kimono, Sari and Abaya.

Founder, Prudence believes in the slow fashion movement and minimal wastage, with each piece being produced on order, yet being shipped in 7 days. The material is a beautiful luxurious satin silk.

The EPOK brand sits right between high end luxury and contemporary. Entering the market in the right way and positioning is extremely key for reaching the right target audience. AISPI worked with EPOK to help strategize market entry methods that were based on lean philosophy of try, learn and pivot

After deciding on a market strategy, AISPI is helping EPOK innovatively expand internationally from the get go. This is done via combination of digital ads, influencer campaigns, event presence, trunk shows, pop up stocking, private sales and online sales. Every time we see an opportunity where we feel there is a good fit with EPOK, we immediately approach the client.

For example, we saw a market fit in the high end market of India. Therefore, when we decided to participate in India's biggest Luxury Fair, we took 10 sample pieces of the product with us which led to a fantastic result. The client only had to pay when there was a sale made. Ofcourse, the terms depend on each opportunity that is presented. The important thing to note is the agility and innovative solutions presented across the table.

Read all about Prudence and the story behind EPOK here here- trust me its one not to be missed!

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