Selling clothes, sandals, accessories and bags

Style is fresh and modern

Prices are between €250 and €600

Ergon Mykonos is a luxury brand featuring elegant, modern, handmade artifacts of high quality and genuine craftsmanship, inspired by the Greek heritage. In collaboration with art technicians from all over Greece,΄ergon Mykonos combines Greek modernized symbols with high quality materials, such as leather, gold and local natural fabrics, to transform culture into innovative pop designs.

Minimal lines, style and modern techniques define the product line, presented through a range of modern compositions of everyday life. A new experience is now introduced at ’΄ergon Mykonos allowing the visitor to tailor and co create a Greek holiday memory inside the shop’s design lab, where custom espadrilles, slip on shoes, leather sandals, hats, bags or t-shirts can be artfully made on the spot, based on visitor’s creativity. Free spirit, wild imagination and personal touch are all you need to create your own “ergon"

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