AISPI X Espigas


Prices are between €40 to €100 and you can use code "AISPI19" to get 10% off your order online!

Selling shoes

Style is classic and playful

Espigas produces cute and comfortable shoes with thoughtful travel quote inside. They offer a touch of traveling wisdom to every customer which a unique way to express your identity and philosophy to the world.

The brand is highly supportive of the mindful and people-respect workplace as it works with charities and trains disabled people to make the shoes, to give a chance to everyone to shine in the fashion world. The most amazing thing about these shoes is that they are feather light - you feel as if you are wearing nothing and can literally go for hikes in them

AISPI shops here for playful and colorful espadrilles that not only make heads turn but allow us to run miles

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