AISPI X Gang of earlybirds

Gang of earlybirds

Selling clothes, shoes and accessories

Style is trendy and exclusive

Prices are between €100 and €400

A perfect AISPI complement, founder of Gang of Early birds and former buyer at Lanvin, Fanny Airault wanted to broaden the Parisian fashion scene by taking inspiration from her travels

The gang of Earlybirds selection is an exclusive assortment of up-and-coming brands allowing you to get inspired and create a unique wardrobe, according to your style. Mix & match or accessorise to go beyond your existing closet

Gang of Earlybirds is a place for passionate encounters. Every choice of brand and parts made by Gang of Earlybirds is driven by the desire to make exclusive brands accessible, both in terms of price and location

AISPI shops here for exclusive finds from independent brands such as trending bags or cool jackets

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