Gung Ho

Selling clothes, small accessories, jewellery and perfume

Style is vibrant, unique and sustainable

Price is from €20 to €400, with most items being around €300

Sophies father was a zero carbon architect so sustainability has always been a large part of her life, She wanted to follow in his footsteps and create sustainable art so naturally moved into the fashion industry in order to have an impact and make a change.

With sustainability at the forefront of each garment, Gung Ho want you to feel and look amazing while being able to show your values. allowing you to start a conversation about the pressing issues such as plastic oceans showcased through the design the next time you get complemented on what you're wearing. Carrying on bringing more awareness to these important issues.

AISPI had the privilege to meet the designer behind the label, read all about her story here- trust me its one not to be missed!

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