AISPI X House of Dagmar

House of Dagmar

Selling clothes, shoes, accessories

Style is minimalistic, trendy

Prices are between €200 and €1500

House of Dagmar is a place where people care about quality and ethics of pieces they sell. Amazing timeless designers fit any basic wardrobe needs with 0 harm to environment while maintaining the quality of materials and beauty of designs. The brand promotes wearability of the clothes and even offers advice on how to make your favorite item to last longer.

The brand was founded by three sisters motivated to carry their family’s legacy in preserving craftsmanship traditions in ambitious timeless collections. Interesting fact that Beyoncé, Swedish princess Sofia and Alicia Vikander have been spotted in the clothes branded by Dagmar

AISPI shops here for animal-friendly furry coats and minimalistic classical blouses

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