AISPI X L'Alingi


When I saw Alia's L'Alingi bags at the Cloud Boutique Pop Up - I knew I had to interview her and learn more about the story behind the design. These bags are conversation starters, wearable art and the highlight of your evening - exactly what AISPI curates.

We worked with Alia on media coverage, creating a profile for her and consistently covering her on our social media.

We are working with her on an expansion to India and Pakistan which includes targeted online and social media sales towards South Asian Clientele, advise on which influencers to work with and also agile sales opportunities like trunk shows and private events.

Through AISPI Finds and our Instagram we run ads and campaigns to sell L'alingi bags

Along with our other designers we took L'alingi to India and they had a phenomenal response at Luxury LIfestyle Weekend (India's largest luxury event)

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