AISPI X L'Alingi


When I saw Alia's L'Alingi bags at the Cloud Boutique Pop Up - I knew I had to interview her and learn more about the story behind the design. These bags are conversation starters, wearable art and the highlight of your evening - exactly what AISPI curates.

L’Alingi seamlessly intertwines mundane objects with luxurious relics, to transform the commonplace clutch into a capricious and humorous work of art - inspired by the exponential Japanese fake food movement,

The ice cream spoon handles are slowly becoming an iconic symbol of the L'Alingi bag! The best part is that we carried it on a night out and don't be fooled by its size - they are one of the few art pieces that are actually practical. I could fit over 15 things and the little detail of having a mirrored interior was just wonderful.

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